We have made significant strides in our effort to restore water service, but we are still working against a few challenges.
We have brought our intake station back online and are getting water from Eagle Mountain Lake again. That water has made its way to our treatment plant. However, due to pressurization issues, we are working to produce enough water to be able send it from our treatment plant into town. Due to this, it will likely be at least tomorrow morning before we can bring water from the treatment plant to the booster station and on into the City.
We will again have crews working overnight at the treatment plant tonight to address this issue and ensure we are able to move water into the City as quickly as possible.
To help those who are without water, Springtown Community Fellowship, located at 1300 West Highway 199, is allowing anyone in need to come fill up with water. Those participating will need to bring their own containers.
We continue to appreciate the patience of our residents during this difficult time, and please understand we will continue to work to restore water as quickly as possible through the night and into tomorrow.