Good news from the work overnight at the treatment plant. We were able to produce water all night. As of approximately 30 minutes ago, we have begun slowly sending water to the booster station.
It will take approximately two hours for the booster station tanks to pressurize and then water will be able to be sent into town. The approximate timeframe right now, barring any unforeseen issues at the booster station, is 2-3 hours to get water back into town.
Residents should be advised that when water service returns, it will do so slowly from a pressure standpoint. Residents will be asked to continue to restrict water use to only the most crucial needs to give the storage tanks time to fill up and re-pressurize the system. PREMATURE OVERUSE OF WATER WILL PROLONG THE OUTAGE.
Springtown Community Fellowship at 1300 West Hwy. 199 is continuing to serve as a distribution point for bottled water. Residents can also bring their own containers to fill up.
As we have said before we truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this difficult event.