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    Physical Address: 102 East Second Street Springtown, Texas 76082Mailing Address: PO Box 444, Springtown, Texas 76082

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Apply for the Planning and Zoning Commission

  • September 20, 2019

The City of Springtown is currently accepting applications for its Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of six (6) members and two alternates duly appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council. The members of the planning and zoning commission shall be resident citizens, taxpayers, and qualified voters of the city and shall be selected for their outstanding and unselfish interest in civic affairs.

Members shall hold no elective city office.

The commission’s responsibilities include:
• Make recommendations to the City Council on all proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance and amendments to the zoning of property; and
• Exercise all powers of a planning commission as to approval or disapproval of plans, plats, or replats as authorized under state law; and
• Hear and consider issues assigned by council; and
• Initiate, in the name of the City, proposals for the opening, vacating, or closing of public rights-of-way, parks, or other public places and for the change of zoning district boundaries on the area-wide basis.

Click here for more information about the Planning and Zoning Commission and to access an application.