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    Physical Address: 102 East Second Street Springtown, Texas 76082Mailing Address: PO Box 444, Springtown, Texas 76082

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Water Conservation Rules

Water Waste Prohibition

As part of the development of this water conservation plan, the City of Springtown adopted a landscape water management ordinance.  This ordinance is intended to minimize waste in landscape irrigation.  The ordinance includes the following elements:

  • Prohibition of outdoor watering with sprinklers from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day from June 1 through September 30. (Watering with hand-held hoses, soaker hoses, or dispensers is allowed.)
  • Requirement that all new irrigation systems include rain sensors capable of multiple programming.
  • Requirement that all new irrigation systems be in compliance with state design and installation regulations (Texas Administrative Code Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 344 and House Bill 1656).
  • Prohibition of designs and installations that spray directly onto impervious surfaces such as sidewalks and roads or onto other non-irrigated areas.
  • Prohibition of use of poorly maintained sprinkler systems that waste water.
  • Prohibition of outdoor watering during any form of precipitation.
  • Enforcement of the ordinance by a system of warnings followed by fines for continued or repeat violations.