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Utility Billing

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102 East Second Street
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    Beginning Monday, May 13, Ameresco, a contractor working on behalf of the City of Springtown, will begin a project that will result in the replacement of all of the City’s water meters.

    The new meters will allow customers to track their water usage in real-time through an app, Eye on Water. The ability to see water usage in real-time, and be alerted to incidences of high use will aid in the early detection of costly leaks. It will also allow customers to monitor their water usage when away from their home or business. Additional information about the application will be forthcoming in the near future as the system is implemented.

    In the meantime, residents can expect to see Ameresco contractors working in the area near their water meters as the meters are switched out. In addition to switching out the meters, the contractors will be performing an EPA-mandated survey of service lines. By conducting the survey as part of the meter project, the City is saving approximately $250,000-$300,000 which would have been required to perform the survey work independently.

    Customers do not need to be onsite during the changeout and contractors will not need access inside residences or businesses. Contractors working on behalf of the City will be able to identified by their safety vest, and contractors will be in possession of a letter from the City authorizing them to be performing the work.

    Please review the FAQ flyer included in this post for additional information. Questions and/or concerns can be directed to the City’s utility billing department by calling (817) 220-4834 or by emailing

    Stay tuned to the City’s website,, and our social media for additional updates about the project.