Springtown Texas

Economic Profile 

Why Invest In Springtown?

119,000 customers within 15 miles 

53,000 customers within 10 miles 

17,000 customers within 5 miles   

Attached below is a concise document of important Springtown economic facts.

You may download this document to your computer or open and read now. Included in this profile is information about....

  • The general location of Springtown Texas
  • Springtown's transportation corridors including "Average Traffic Count"
  • Market Demographics as of 2015 including "Population"
  • Workforce Data and Unemployment Rate
  • Local Tax Rates
  • Springtown Independent School District information
  • Utility contacts
  • Housing statistics
  • Top 10 taxpayers
  • Springtown "Annual Average Consumer Spending"
  • Top 10 Workplaces by Employment
  • Ten Greatest Retail Store Opportunities (where demand exceeds supply)
  • Top 5 types of Retail where Supply is greater than Demand
  • Many other interesting economic facts about the Springtown area  

Economic Profile.pdf