Springtown Texas

Doing Business in Springtown

Springtown is a business-friendly community in Parker County, Texas that is a great place to live and work!

City Council Adopts Strategic Plan 

The plan is the culmination of a year long effort to establish a plan to attract new wealth and new jobs to Springtown. The effort started with a series of surveys to our community leaders, stakeholders, citizens and visitors.  These surveys are the basis of a vision for the future of Springtown. Results of the Visioning Surveys can be found in this Business section of the web site.  The economic profile for Springtown was developed as well as a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis. An inventory of available properties, developed as a part of this effort, is available on this web site. The Strategic Plan identifies the City's Mission Statement, Goals, Strategies and Actions for marketing Springtown. Click on the sections to the left to view the sections noted above.  

City Council Reduces Impact Fees and Tap Installation Fee

City Council, to attract more residential development within the City, reduced the water and sanitary sewer impacts fees to $250 each for residential unit.  

Mayor Clayton had held discussions with home builders in an effort to encourage home building in Springtown and the builders requested a reduction in the high fees.  When the impact fees are paid is also negotiable.  The Tap Installation Fee can also be eliminated if the developer installs the tap.  The City then will charge only for the meter.  

Water and Sewer Fees are less expensive in Springtown than outside of the City

City of Springtown

Outside the City

Water Impact Fee $250.00 $0
Water Tap Fee $880.00 (Walnut Creek SUD) $885.00
Deposit for Account $100.00 $135.00
Meter Fee $264.13 Activation Fee $200.00
Base Water Rate $20.50 + $6.25/1,000 gal. $32 base+$5.76/1,000 gal.
Cost of Water $1,493.13 $1,220.00
Sewer Impact Fee $250.00 No sewer lines or service provided 
Sewer Tap Fee $1,070.00 Est. Cost $3,500 - $8,000
Deposit $50.00 Permit $300.00
Base Sewer Rate $20.50 + $475/1,000 gal.
Total Cost for Sewer $1,370.00 Electricity for aerobic system

Total Water/Sewer


$6,240 - $10,740

2016 State of the City

2018 State of the City

For information on economic development services please contact City Administrator, David Miller.