Bulk Trash

Citizens are able to take bulk household waste to our new Citizen Collection Center.

Citizens will first go to City Hall, located at 102 E. 2nd Street to pay fees and schedule time to meet a member of Public Works at the site.

Accepted items include:

  • Appliances, mattresses, furniture, old carpet, metal, aluminum, iron, steel, and other bulky household items. Other items such as glass, paper, cardboard and plastic #’s 1, 5, and 7 will continue to be accepted at the recycle bin located at 501 Martin Drive, behind Brookshires.

Prohibited waste includes:

Commercial waste, hazardous waste, medical waste, household trash, liquids of any kind, paint, pesticides, fertilizer, antifreeze, Freon or anything containing Freon, fuel and fuel containers, closed containers, asbestos or radioactive material.

Fees for the Collection Center are:

  • 30-gallon trash bag – $1.00 each
  • Shingles – $18.00 per cubic yard
  • Loose Trash and brush – $15.00 per cubic yard
  • Burn barrels (55 gallon) – $6.00 each
  • Appliances, no Freon (white goods) – $5.00 each

Bulk Item Pick Up

  • Pickup of bulk items will be on the last Wednesday of each month.
  • CFC’s must have been removed and must have sticker on item from a licensed Mechanical Service.
  • To have bulk items removed, please call City Hall prior between Monday and Friday so that we may notify IESI that these items will be at the curb.