Downtown Advisory Board

The Downtown Advisory Board consists of seven (7) members, of which four will be owners of businesses on the Springtown Square, one a citizen-at-large, and two will be members of the City Council who will serve as ex-officio non-voting members duly appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council. The members of the Downtown Advisory Board shall be selected for their outstanding and unselfish interest in civic affairs. Members shall hold no elective city office.

The board’s responsibilities include:

  • Study and encourage the enhancement, development and beautification of the downtown area;
  • Recommend to the City Council suggested measures for the economic development of the downtown area;
  • Recommend to the City Council budget considerations for the enhancement, beautification, or development of the downtown area; and
  • Recommend to the City Council any other items concerning the downtown area as it deems appropriate.

Meeting Information




Springtown City Hall
102 East Second Street
Springtown, TX 76082

Santiago Quirate
Judy Ray
David Ward
At-Large Member
Kim Ware
Amy Walker
Oleta Parker
Bill White