Operation of recycling receptacles to end February 2, 2020

Effective February 2, 2020, the City of Springtown will discontinue its operation of the recycling receptacles located at 501 Martin Avenue.

This was a difficult decision to make as many residents use the receptacles for the proper disposal of recyclable materials. For several years, the City has been proud to offer a place where residents can bring their recyclable materials as an alternative to sending it to the landfill.

Recently, with increasing frequency, what has been deposited in the facility has been a mixture of recyclable material and household trash. When materials which cannot be processed as recyclables are deposited in the receptacles it causes the entire load to be transported to the landfill.

Constant monitoring of the facility is not practical due its convenient-access nature and location. The City was also recently informed by its waste disposal provider which services the receptacles that the cost for such services would increase from the rates paid in the past. Because of these circumstances, the City has decided that, for the time being, the best option is to close the facility.

City staff will continue to look for an economical and efficient alternative that will allow for the return of recycling services to its citizens in a timely manner.