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PSA: Park Restroom Vandalism

  • April 11, 2024

Over the last three months, the various restrooms located in Springtown Park have been damaged or graffitied five times. Additionally, on an average of twice per week over that time period, the restrooms have been subject to other mischievous activities such as purposefully stopping up sinks, toilets, and urinals with toilet paper which can and has resulted in flooding of the restrooms.

Our parks employees take pride in maintaining the park and its facilities; however, with this kind of activity, it creates challenges to adequately maintaining other areas of the park when crews are consistently having to spend their limited time and resources repeatedly repairing the damage and cleaning up the messes left behind in the restrooms. It also creates situations where the park restrooms are closed to the general public while repairs and clean up are completed. In addition to the time and personnel it takes to make these repairs, there is a financial cost involved that could otherwise be directed to other park improvements for the community as a whole to enjoy.

Most of these incidents have occurred overnight or after dark when the park is closed, and we will continue to work with our police department as they continue to perform extra patrols and security checks of the area during the overnight hours. The public can be of assistance by ensuring that they report any suspicious activity in the park to the Springtown, TX Police Department by calling (817) 220-0828. We also ask that parents and guardians of older children and teenagers who visit the park unsupervised to communicate the importance of refraining from such activities, which can result in criminal charges.

The City wants to continue to provide clean, safe, easily accessible restroom facilities throughout the park; however, as this activity not only continues but increases in frequency, it may result in the restrooms being less accessible afterhours and on weekends when they can’t be as directly monitored. As previously stated, the City is working in partnership with the police department on appropriate security measures.

The photos included depict the examples of damages that are occuring on a regular basis.